What will SODA do?

The School of Digital Arts will offer a flexible mix of courses: undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees, short courses and CPD designed for those in full-time work, and 175 degree apprenticeships.

Over 1,000 students per year will study subjects that span film, animation, UX design, AI and more, with a focus on both interdisciplinary practice and working with industry partners.

Alongside will run a wide-ranging programme of pioneering research designed to meet the R&D needs of industry, and whose impact will be felt internationally. SODA’s research will hinge on generating visionary yet practical answers to the unique stresses and opportunities posed by digital media and technology; using creative thinking to address the challenges of its field.

It will pioneer thinking and best practice. It will work to create a more diverse and equitable industry: a future industry that recognises that the best talent – and the most innovative solutions – often come via a rich, collaborative mix of voices, backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, perspectives, technologies and platforms.

The SODA Timeline

January 2019

First SODA industry event

Autumn 2019

Courses announced

Spring 2020

Applications open

Autumn 2021

SODA opens

New kinds of courses, and an approach that brings together creative, technology and industry-led subjects: SODA spans film and UX design, sound art, photography and virtual reality.

These are courses designed to respond to developments in screen and post-screen technologies, to changes in how we discover, consume and share film, drama, games and content, to the skills gaps faced by media, tech, digital, broadcast and content companies, and to the needs of a rising generation of creatives – young, talented and diverse students who occupy the space where storytelling, content and technology converge.

We launch our full course offer in 2019 in the following areas:

Media production

Film, filmmaking, media courses, creative producing, media management.


Photography and photo visualisation.


Audio and music, with production and music design.

Digital design

Digital design, creative technology and tech for good, immersive arts.


3D animation, computer animation, visual effects, VFX, digital art, AI, virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive media arts.

Games & UX

Games design and games development. User experience and user interface design, software design and user behaviour.

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