Our Courses

Offering an interdisciplinary approach, our courses span film, animation, UX design, photography, sound design, gaming, AI and more. With us, you’ll study programmes which are grounded in the present, but offer the space to explore the future – investigating what it means to be a creative media practitioner at the convergence of storytelling, technology and innovation.

Undergraduate and Foundation

School of Digital Arts (SODA) Foundation Year

Wherever you are today, our Foundation Year course can open up a range of potential creative futures. So, if you have the ambition and the ability to study with the School of Digital Arts, but you don’t have the required qualifications to study an honours degree, this course can bridge the gap.

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BA (Hons) Animation

Animators produce the moving images that enrich stories in broadcast media, digital platforms and video games, or power an entire film. Our BA (Hons) Animation course brings together the key aspects of contemporary professional animation practice to help you prepare for an exciting range of careers, from animation to concept art to games development.

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BA (Hons) Filmmaking

BA (Hons) Filmmaking is a practice-based course giving you the creative freedom to develop your voice through the dynamic language of film. Our learning environment incorporates a unique mix of digital art and film school philosophies, empowering you to express your ideas and stories through narrative fiction, documentary, artists’ moving image and new media.

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BA (Hons) Future Media Production

With the rapidly changing nature of social and digital media, content needs to be designed strategically, engagingly and at pace. This course offers the skills and understanding to work at the forefront of the creative and digital sectors. It’s a course that will equip you with the tools to design, create, manipulate and deliver engaging digital media content for a wide range of audiences.

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BA (Hons) Games Art

With the growing capability of game engines for rendering complex, expressive art in games, a mix of technical know-how and creative thinking is crucial to making a huge impact on the look, feel and experience of any game. Our BA (Hons) Games Art course offers this mix, with core skills and vital understanding that will equip you for your future career in the games industry.

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BSc (Hons) Games Design

Games design offers a route into a form of entertainment that’s not only one of the world’s most popular, but is also constantly evolving, innovating and redefining its own boundaries. In short, the games industry is an exciting place to be, and our BSc Games Design course can offer your route into it.

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BA (Hons) Music and Sound Design

Music and sound design is a field that mixes the artistic and the technical to produce a vital ingredient of a range of media. Our BA (Hons) Music and Sound Design course is a practice-based program that aims to provide an exciting and challenging collaborative learning environment to develop you as an independent music and sound designer.

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BA (Hons) Photography

Our BA (Hons) Photography course offers a gateway to an exciting range of career paths and specialisms. You will have the opportunity to discover – and push – the boundaries of current practices and approaches. Working on a range of professional, creative and conceptual projects, you will explore what it means to be a creative photographer.

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BSc (Hons) Web and User Experience Design

Whatever the purpose and whoever the user, web and user experience design marries the technical with the creative. This course will help you develop the key practical and personal skills that today’s digital agencies need, or that can pave the way for further study and research – in areas including Computer Science, User Experience and Project Management, among others.

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Degree Apprenticeships

Digital User Experience Professional Degree Apprenticeship

The Digital User Experience (UX) Professional Degree Apprenticeship is an innovative blend of higher education and work-based learning. It will develop you into a confident Digital UX Professional so you can work in a wide range of businesses, from creative and tech to manufacturing or finance. You could work as a User Interface Designer, a UX or User Researcher, an Interaction Designer or a UX Product Manager.

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We will announce our postgraduate courses in Autumn 2020 for 2021 enrolment.