Joshua Goldie

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I am a MA Games Art student hoping to join the industry and make video games like the ones I grew up with. I've always prefered stylised games over realistic ones so that is the direction my models and artwork almost always seem to go (despite the difficulties that come with developing models with a less-human look). Most of my experience prior to starting this Masters degree was in 2D art, so I spent a lot of this year developing my 3D skills, learning software like Autodesk Maya and ZBrush. I also have experience working with both Unreal Engine and Unity, as well as less-mainstream engines like Gamemaker and Godot. I have an game with some pixel art games I have worked on for GameJams.

Prior to working with video games I did a BA in Ancient History and Classical Literature, and have spent eight years working in journalism as a video producer and editor. So in addition to my Game Art skills, I also know how to write and how to create videos.