Maya Chowdhry

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Fathoming Fungal Frequencies
This interactive sound experience seeks to uncover the existence of a shared language between human and fungi; giving a voice and making visible the mycelium network from which it fruits. By utilising interactive biodata sonification, which requires this inter-being collaboration, the piece hopes to connect human to more-than-human.

Maya Chowdhry is a multidisciplinary artist, she creates immersive and democratic experiences for audiences/participants, leaning into her past work in radio, audiowalks and live art. Her practice interrogates themes such as world water scarcity, food sovereignty, and climate justice. She is currently exploring biodata sonification; turning brainwaves into melodies and plant waves into soundwaves – seeking to find a shared language between the human and the more-than-human.

Recent works include: Soil Voicemails, a digital poem exploring trans-species calling, commissioned for ‘Crossed Lines’ 2020 in collaboration with the Science Museum. Galvanising Change, a participatory live art piece examining climate anxiety, Hulme Community Garden Centre, 2021, and created as part of Net//work Residency with The British Council and Digital Art Studio. In 2021 she was artist-in-residence for ‘Critical Poetics: Care Of…’ at Nottingham Trent University, with a particular focus on Inter-species Care. 

You Sound Thirsty, a sonic commingling created in a time of planetary limits, was presented at Emergency Live Art Festival, Contact, 2022. What’s Eating Paradox, at Turnpike Gallery, 2023, uses projection mapping to explore the journey our food has taken from seed to field to table illuminating issues of food justice, and exhibited as part of Climate, Hope, Emergency. She is currently working on temp/o~reality, which explores the measuring of time through objects, as you travel through the idea that if time exists as humans have delineated, then it’s running out.