Rebecca Horswill

Over the course of the year I have focused my work predominantly on children’s storytelling through poetry and animation. This passion has continued to grow and stemmed from external projects whereby I have worked as a children’s book designer on projects such as ‘Tales of the Brave, the Bold and the Beautiful’ (2022) and ‘Fishing for Rainbows’ (2023), with these published books offering me a new insight into the possibilities storytelling holds. 

For my final MA project I have created a collection of poems ‘Close to Home’ which explores themes such as home, connection and imagination. Offering readers and viewers an insight into whimsical worlds full of enigma and magic. 

I have spent time exploring the use of texture through my work, developing needle felting as a key skill and more recently collage animation. This project has also been a collaboration with two professional writers, Emmy Clarke and Oliver Sykes, and sound designer Charlotte Proctor. 

This project is one for the audience to experience intrigue and investigate the subjectivity found within poems, hopefully relating to moments and exploring the self within both the poetry and animation.