The See Yourself In SODA competition challenges students to create unique art pieces exploring a given theme. Winners of the competition get the chance to display their work at SODA during our public Degree Show exhibition at Manchester Metropolitan University.

This year’s theme: Future 

This year, the competition is about the Future. Entrants were tasked with creating original, digital artwork that explores how the future will look, feel and sound like in 3023, what our place will be as human beings and how we will interact with the world around us.  

Our Winners:

We had so many incredible submissions that approached the theme from all different angles. However, our panel of expert judges at SODA have now chosen three deserving winners:

Zaynab Urfan: God of the Musical Future

Sergio Sala: Genesis 3113

Chiara Rivers: Night Walk

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered this year. Now, you can visit SODA to see the work of our competition winners on display.