February – July, 2021

In developing innovative courses for the new and growing sector of Immersive Experience creation, this StoryFutures Academy scheme is “in response to skills shortages and a critical need to build a talent pipeline in the UK”. Projects will address key themes such as Interdisciplinarity, Game Engines in new contexts, and Key Skills in immersive.

SODA’s contribution to the competitive second cohort will be to identify how soundtracking can be harnessed in novel ways within expanded documentary environments. Through online workshops led by SODA’s cross-disciplinary research group, students will help develop a prototype that allows audience interaction with a 3D soundscape, where traditional genre soundtracking elements will be layered with audio storytelling assets.

By testing this prototype, researchers will explore possibilities for the emergence of a sound grammar in immersive experiences and contribute to the development of teaching materials that address key skills gaps.

StoryFutures Academy is led by the National Film & Television School and Royal Holloway University of London.

From www.storyfutures.com/academy/skills/train-the-trainer