See Yourself in SODA Competition – 2023

A chance to display your work in the physical and virtual exhibition spaces of the School of Digital Arts (SODA) at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Theme: Art & Activism

This year the competition is about Activism in Art. Activism is a powerful tool in art – it can help us to communicate complex ideas and emotions, challenge our perceptions and beliefs and inspire us to think differently about different issues.

We are looking for new, original pieces of work that explore the theme in an innovative way.

At the end of the competition window, entries will be judged by our SODA panel of experts who will select the finalists.

Your work, our space. Show us what you’ve got!

SYiS Competition Entries – 2022

Submission Requirements

Work must be submitted digitally. We cannot accept physical work. The work must be conceived for a digital exhibition; therefore, it must be created considering a unique online experience. Examples of work created for a virtual space may include video, photograph, immersive environment, sound environment, works that require an interaction with users, etc.

Where content has been generated physically it needs to be scanned or photographed for upload to our social channels. Submission can be audio-visual and include still or moving images or a combination i.e., animation, film, video etc.

You must have permission to use any work that you submit to us. In submitting your work to this competition, you agree to its display in our exhibition and sharing on SODA’s social media channels. For full submission requirements and recommended dimensions, please see this page.

Why enter?

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your work with Manchester Metropolitan University and the School of Digital Arts.

Each category winner will have the opportunity to get their work seen publicly – around the SODA building.

See the categories below:

  • Best Student
  • Best Emerging Creative
  • Best Façade

All shortlisted entries will also be exhibited within a virtual gallery


We will be accepting submissions in the following categories:

  • School or College
  • University
  • Emerging Creatives (Working in industry 1 year or less)

Choose to submit your work for the following spaces

  • Inside SODA (internal screens)
  • On the front of the SODA building (SODA Façade)
  • Virtual Gallery

Download our Specification Requirements page for full entry guidelines.

How to submit

To be considered for the competition, please email your entry to by the deadline ensuring it meets our submission requirements and including the following information in your email:

  • Full Name:
  • Social handles:
  • Category: (i.e) School or College, University or Emerging Creatives (working in industry 1 year or less)
  • Submission space: (i.e) SODA (internal screens), on the front of the SODA building (SODA Façade) or Virtual Gallery  
  • Link to submission:

If your entry’s file size is too large to email, please send it via or Dropbox to the email address.

By entering the competition, you are consenting to your entry being shared on SODA’s social media channels, website and screens.

For an additional chance to have your work featured on our social media channels during the submission period, you can also share it to Instagram, tagging in our account:


The deadline for entries is 6 November 2023

If you have any further enquiries about the competition, please contact: