Chris Godber Technical Specialist - Web, UX and Coding

Chris Godber

As a Technical Specialist at the School of Digital Arts (SODA) I am responsible for supporting researchers and academics with any support they require with coding, UX research and web related queries and innovations. Day to day, I may be coding a JavaScript application, working on some course materials, delivering workshops, or inducting students into the UX lab, which is where I spend a great deal of my time at SODA. 

I am interested in art, painting, drawing, game design and development, electronic music production, book publishing, cinema, creative coding and have participated in various group and solo exhibitions in London and the North. I run a small indie software and book publisher called Alien Rabbit with which I publish my own fiction and non-fiction work, as well as the work of other writers. 

I have a professional background in both coding and teaching and have worked in industry for a variety of startups and commercial businesses as well as spending several years programming and designing applications in the emerging webXR space and teaching English in Moscow. 

I established an artists collective alongside other artists in 2014 called the Tunnel which remains running to this day and was a director for a few years of an artists cooperative called The Electric Picture House in my hometown which is still running successfully to date providing artist studio provision, art workshops and exhibition space for artists in Cheshire.





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