Dr David Jackson SODA Doctoral Student Lead and Research Degrees Coordinator; Senior Lecturer, Digital Visualisation

Dr David Jackson

Dr David Jackson is the SODA Doctoral Student Lead and Research Degrees Coordinator; and a Lecturer in Digital Visualisation. His practice-led research explores the creative application of AI technology in narrative contexts and their effect on their audiences.

His most recent major research project involved the exploration of a new type of interactive speech-led documentary, working on Audiences with a Hero, with partners Forever Holdings and Bright White. Elements of this work were informed by his AHRC post-doctoral fellowship, (2018, NWCDTP), and the development of the Storybox conversational agent software and the D-PAF framework for conversational storytelling. Involvement on Obsidisorium at the MIRA Festival with Prof. Toby Heys continues to explore the emerging impact of digital technology and artificial intelligence on storytellers.

David is a co-founder of Algorithms for Marginalised People (AMP). AMP projects he has recently worked on include Mood/Music in association with Gaddum support charity developing coping mechanisms for loneliness with Manchester young carers using music and emotion sensing technology.

David’s PhD thesis researched the development of digital writing games as collaborative storytelling platforms. He has spoken on topics relating to digital narrative in numerous settings, including London Book Fair, Future Everything/Manchester International Festival, BBC Digital Cities, and the International AR/VR Conference.