Dr Zofija Tupikovskaja-Omovie PhD, FHEA, PGCLTHE, MA, BA Lecturer, Digital UX and Web Design

Dr Zofija Tupikovskaja-Omovie PhD, FHEA, PGCLTHE, MA, BA

I am a Lecturer in Digital User Experience and Web Design at SODA. My teaching activities include User Experience, UX Methods, Creativity through Research and other units as part of the BSc (Hons) Web and User Experience Design, Creative Digital Design Professional Degree Apprenticeship, Digital User Experience Professional Degree Apprenticeship and Digital Marketer Degree Apprenticeship courses.

My PhD research Consumer Perceived Benefits and Value in Apparel m-Retail focused on Digital Consumer Behaviour and Mobile Fashion Marketing. I worked on Post-Doctoral Creative Economy Engagement Fellowship project funded by AHRC in collaboration with Pentland Brands. Deploying novel research methods and innovative application of mobile eye tracking technology, I developed frameworks for mapping complete shopping journeys, auditing Google Analytics database, digital consumer segmentation based on customer / user journey patterns and re-design of digital platforms to fulfil user needs.

Originally training as a Fashion Designer, my interest around the impact the designs have on the audience informs my research. In my MA, I researched Fashion Visualisation and the Influence on Product Promotion, with a practice-based research art project interpreting and applying Fashion Visualisation Styles of the 20th Century to current Fashion Advertising campaigns.

My main R&D interests are in the area of Digital User Experience and how eye tracking technology, digital and visual research methods can help to support business development in e-Commerce, AR, VR, XR, Metaverse, websites, mobile apps, games, and other creative industries. With expertise in mobile consumer behaviour, decision-making process, user journey, digital consumer segmentation, digital consumer benefits and value, able to propose recommendations for improvement and design of digital platforms to inform business decisions and developing new digital marketing strategies.

I am passionate user-focused Researcher with experience leading, managing and conducting user research and recognised for deploying novel research approaches, applying expertise of diverse research methods accompanied by innovative application of eye tracking technology and digital analytics data. Advocating for inclusive design, I understand the user story, map user experience journey, identify improvement areas and propose best approaches to meet diverse user needs.

Email: z.tupikovskaja-omovie@mmu.ac.uk