Colin Harvey Lead Writer at Sony PlayStation London Studio

Colin Harvey

Colin Harvey is Lead Writer with Sony’s PlayStation London Studio. He was co-writer on Sony’s acclaimed Virtual Reality thriller Blood and Truth starring Colin Salmon and Felix Scott. His other game work includes material for the Sniper Elite and Strange Brigade franchises produced by Rebellion, as well freelance story design work for Sony. Beyond games, his licensed work includes spinoff material for the Doctor Who and Highlander ranges published by Big Finish.

His original short fiction won the first Pulp Idol award, jointly conferred by SFX Magazine and Gollancz Books, and his science fiction novella Dead Kelly was published by Abaddon Books. Colin’s comic work includes material for 2000AD and Commando. His academic book Fantastic Transmedia (Palgrave 2015) explores science fiction and fantasy crossmedia storytelling. He possesses a PhD in Video Game Storytelling from UEL and has presented on the subject of game writing and transmedia storytelling across the UK, in Europe, Australia and the US.