Jenn Nkiru Film Director and Artist

Jenn Nkiru

Jenn Nkiru is an artist and filmmaker from and based in Peckham, London.

Pushed through a surrealist lens, her practise is grounded in the history of black music, afro-surrealism, the aesthetics of experimental film, international art cinema, the black arts movement and the rich and variegated tradition of cinemas of the black diaspora and their distinct experimentation with the politics of form.

Nkiru’s work as the second unit director of visuals for The Carter’s Apesh**t video shot in the Louvre in Paris is her most recognised mainstream work.

Her dreamlike, cinematic short titled, Rebirth is Necessary (2017), is an intimate minds eye exploration of diasporic blackness and her latest film, Black to Techno (2019) which premiered at Frieze LA, explores the philosophical, geopolitical, sonic and the Black origins of Techno music.

Nkiru was one of 75 artists selected for the Whitney Museum of American Art’s 2019 Whitney Biennial curated by Rujeko Hockley and Jane Panetta.

She is also a contributing director on the film Black is King by Beyoncé, released by Disney in 2020.