Tony Lacey Product Manager - Epic Games

Tony Lacey

It was only after completing a Ph.D. in computer vision at the University of Sheffield and spending several years as a Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, that Tony came to realise he just wasn’t an academic. Equipped with this insight, he began his career in industry with AstraZeneca, developing software to analyse data from MRI & CT scanners in the fight against diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. A few years later, the opportunity arose to move into the startup space allowing Tony to guide Optasia Medical and later Bioxydyn through the complex world of medical device development. However, all of this was but a precursor as Tony’s career took another twist when he joined Cubic Motion as Product Manager. In just over a year he had released Persona, a real-time, facial performance capture system that has been used in film, TV and game productions as well as several live-on-stage performances. In March 2020 Cubic Motion was acquired by Epic Games as part of it’s Digital Humans Initiative beginning the next phase in Tony’s career.