Andrew Ghribi-King Senior Lecturer, Games Art

Andrew Ghribi-King

I am the Unit Lead of Character and Environment Art for the undergraduate Games Art programme and Interdisciplinary Practice One for the Games Art MA programme at SODA.

As a Technical Artist and Consultant in the Digital Arts sector, I have over twenty years of experience as a Freelancer, specialising in tool development and pipeline optimisation.

With a focus on procedural worldbuilding, I work predominantly in data acquisition, hard-surface asset production, simulation, and material design – examining emergent techniques and processes to synthesise new, optimal workflows and approaches to 3D asset production.

My current practice explores automated iterative worldbuilding by combining modular rulesets and chaotic systems. Influenced by character and world creation methodologies used in tabletop role-playing games (TRPGs), my research applies the rules of tabletop games and pseudo-random data to technical art applications, identifying opportunities for experimental and assistive tool development in game production.