Mo Firdaus Lecturer, Games Art

Mo Firdaus

In my role, I lead the Games Production Pipeline, Indie Game Art Specialized Project, and Games For Good units, while supporting various other units across SODA. My research areas are gamification, playfulness, and ludicity.

I specialized in 2D game art and game development, as well as a background in 3D game art and game design. Furthermore, due to my industry involvement with the digital creative sector, I have a profound interest in and am highly supportive of indie games studios and business start-ups involving video games and wearable systems, especially by graduates and creative independent developers.

My enthusiasm is for emerging technologies such as AI, metaverses, and eXtended realities (VR, AR, MR). I have continually put these passions into practice such as artificial intelligent-linked video games and websites, classroom-settings metaverses, NFT projects, virtual reality artwork exhibited across multiple countries, and speaking of these at several international TEDx Talks and research conferences.