Debbie Ballin, FHEA Senior Lecturer, Filmmaking

Debbie Ballin, FHEA

I teach across both undergraduate and post graduate course in Filmmaking at SODA and am Unit Lead for the Level 5 core unit Film and Storytelling where students explore creative responses to personal narratives. My teaching practice encompasses traditional, experimental, and immersive documentary and autobiographical filmmaking practices.

I have over ten years’ experience of working in the UK independent film sector and making films for broadcast and cinematic exhibition. My work has encompassed producing, directing and new talent development and has been BAFTA nominated, broadcast in Europe, Canada and the US, and exhibited internationally.

My research practice draws on oral history and archive to create compelling authentic narratives that explore the spaces where history, memory and identity are intertwined.

Recent research projects include BATTLEDRESS with Dr Rachel Genn at Manchester Writing School, UNDER AN ARTIFICIAL SUN which examined historic childhood hospitalisation and isolation due to tuberculosis and ECHOES of PROTEST with Professor Esther Johnson at SHU which explored the experience of children whose parents were protestors. Details of these and accompanying publications, talks and events can be found here.