Debbie Bandara Lecturer, Future Media Production

Debbie Bandara

Debbie Bandara teaches units for BA (Hons) Future Media Production at SODA. Her background in Artificial Intelligence, Directing, Choreography and Multi-Sensory Immersive design has allowed her to create her pieces for live and digital spaces. Her work encourages innovative ways to break the forth wall for immersive experiences, including Virtual Production. 

With a background in ‘narrative-driven’ to ‘non-verbal’ storytelling for audiences with additional needs, she promotes diversity and inclusion throughout her teaching. 

As the founder and CEO of Award-Winning Forest Tribe (a carbon-neutral, immersive theatre company) offers her students a wealth of industry-led knowledge as they step into employment within the Creative Industries landscape.

Her most recent piece has embedded haptic technology for PMLD (profound and multiple learning needs) audiences. She encourages her students to adopt new emerging technologies that will genuinely offer a sensorial aspect to their media production.

She is currently members of the EDI steering group for Immerse UK and The Alan Turing Group AI & Arts Interest Group. She is also Lead facilitator for the Young Company at the Royal Exchange Theatre and former ‘Artist-in-Residence’ for Manchester International Festival. 

In her spare time, she takes great care in creating new choreographic work, directing/choreographing shows as well as coaching fellow artistic practitioners to allow their artistic vision come to life. |