Michail Oustamanolakis Lecturer, UX and Web Design

Michail Oustamanolakis

I am a user experience designer with a background in graphic design and business. Although I am currently an academic, my background is in industry. I worked as a graphic designer in Northern Europe and Greece for several years, and I was also a UX design consultant in Hong Kong for seven years. Currently, I am teaching UX topics and design theory on the Web and User Experience Design course.

Besides planning, developing, and delivering design lessons, I also support and advise students at SODA and across the Arts & Humanities department. My research focuses primarily on design education, creativity and ideation.

More specifically, I am interested in how design education transforms novice students into fully-fledged, professional designers.

I am also interested in the business side of design, and I am fascinated by exploring the design industry from the creativity perspective, such as what is the impact of organisational creativity in the management of a design studio and how does it differ from a design team that operates in the corporate setting?

I am always curious about such topics and very open to discussions. I am also very keen to supervise PhD students who want to pursue cases in the creative industries, UX design, design & arts education, creativity or any other topic related or relevant to the above.

I like reading books and watching documentaries and movies in my free time. When the weather is not too cold or wet, you’ll probably find me in a park with a book.