Christopher Gladwin, MA (Hons) Lecturer, Sound and Music Composition

Christopher Gladwin, MA (Hons)

I teach digital composition with a background in electronic music production, audio visual arts and soundtracking (Game & Film). I specialise in audio synthesis and experimental approaches to sound design and music.

I am involved in the teaching and unit planning on the BA and MA, Music and Sound Design programmes, delivering lectures and practical sessions.  

I have published and performed music internationally through various projects including: “Team Doyobi” (Skam, FatCat), “The Wyrding Module”(ICASEA, Front & Follow.), and collaborations with the “Bow Gamelan” and “Primitive Knot”.

I have also exhibited sound works, installations and performance pieces at contemporary arts events and galleries (Manchester City Gallery, Post War Festival of Art & Culture in Iraq, New Moves International, Kinetica.)

My interests include: Harsh Noise, Psychedelia & Komiche Musik, 70/80’s SF and Horror films, Weird Fiction, Forteana, Natural History, Painting and Video Gaming (open world/RPG).

My work on YouTube