Dr Neil Bruce, MSc B.Eng(Hons) Dip Mus(Open) Lecturer, Soundscapes

Dr Neil Bruce, MSc B.Eng(Hons) Dip Mus(Open)

I’m a lecturer in Sound Design with a background as a composer, sound designer and audio engineer for film, TV, apps and games. I hold a PhD in Soundscapes and an MSc in Signal Processing.

I specialise in spatial field recording, and building and designing immersive soundscape simulators, which have been used on a number of large scale EPRSC funded projects, including the Positive Soundscapes Project and Project DeStress (Designing and Engineering Soundscapes to enable Restorative Environments for Sustainable Societies).

Website : www.spencerbruce.com

My practice led research focuses on soundscape, perception, expectation, sound design, field recording, sound preservation and immersive audio. My interest lies in immersive sonic storytelling around themes of soundscapes of isolation, infrastructure, urban decay and liminal edgeland spaces and how emerging technologies can use audio to enrich narrative and experience. Much of my work has explored the soundscapes of urban spaces, with exploration and preservation of London’s Soho being a key area of interest.

My practice also includes exploring the nature, process and development of creativity as a skill, through workshops, exercises and interdisciplinary collaboration. I host the Creativity Kickstarter podcast and authored ‘Creativity Kickstarter : 100 strategies and exercises to kickstart your creativity’.

Besides lecturing, I work with a wide range of artists in the UK, helping with their production and recordings. Additionally, I am a performing guitarist working around the UK and overseas and release my own soundscape-based ambient cinematic electronica sound art.

Website : www.spencerbruce.com