Jamie Birkett Programme Leader, Music and Sound Design; Lecturer, Sound Recording, Engineering & Mixing

Jamie Birkett

My role at SODA is Programme Leader for Music and Sound Design. I also teach Studio Composition, Sound Recording and Mixing for Music, Film and Installation.

I like to balance my teaching between the theory and contextual understanding of sound and music in my lectures, with a hands-on and creative approach to the act of music/sound-making in my recording studio sessions.

My background is mainly within record production and studio engineering, having recorded with the likes of Dutch Uncles, Manchester Collective and Kiran Leonard as well as mixing/engineering for live broadcast at Low Four Studios in Manchester since 2016.

I also have a background in sound design for various mediums including projects for Manchester International Festival (2017), Venice Biennale (2019) and independent film such as The Earth Asleep (2021).

My research interests include the musicology of record production and intertextuality in music.