Thom Bridge Lecturer, Photography

Thom Bridge

I am an artist and lecturer in Photography at the School of Digital Art (SODA). I teach on BA (Hons) Photography, working with second and third year students on practical, contextual and professional development modules.

Characterised by its reflexivity, my photographic practice is simultaneously an exploration of photography through myself and an exploration of myself through photography; this research manifests through the practice and display of printmaking, sculpture and installation.

In my expanded practice I work with other artists in a range of capacities including organiser, curator, consultant, producer, and studio manager. I am engaged in two significant collaborations, the first titled ‘pool’ with Chicago-based artist Sonja Thomsen and the second with my identical twin, Theo. These collaborations are grounded in systems of reciprocity, focusing on sharing knowledge, making connections, and expanding photographic possibilities. 


Instagram: @thom_bridge